Below you find a list of equipment and software that I use to help me in my business. Some of the links will be affiliate links (meaning that if you click a link and decide to buy or join then I will receive something back - money off, extra months, etc) which all goes into helping me to keep giving away free information to help you on your way to an easier life :)


Product My Notes Link
Apple Mac Yes, I only use Mac's and after all these years I still think they are the best for my work. View on Apple
Nikon D800 Please don't get hung up on camera manufactures as I will use anything I can. The only reason I originally chose Nikon is that it fitted in my hand perfectly. D810 on Amazon
Cam Ranger This piece of kit allows me to control my camera via my phone and also transfer the images wirelessly to my computer whilst keeping the original image on the camera card, giving me redundancy. Cam Ranger on Amazon


Software My Notes Link
Lightroom This is my go to catalogue and editing software for the photographs Adobe Lightroom
Photoshop I probably only use a fraction of this software capability nowadays but I still recommend it. Adobe Photoshop
Final Cut This run so perfectly for me on the Mac am so glad I made the transition. Apple Final Cut


Resource My Notes Link
PhotobizX This is a podcast for aspiring and working photographers and the amount of information I have learnt from this resource is huge and they have given me a special deal to pass on to you. Trial membership for $1 for the first month and see just how valuable the content will be for your photography business. PhotobizX
Acuity Scheduling shouldn't be difficult but it is, especially when you want automation. Acuity is how I do all my online booking from headshots to studio hire and it's all done without my interaction. Acuity
Sum Up This credit card terminal is one of the best and not just because it has the cheapest charges but also has great support and additional options including payments over the phone. SumUp
Evernote This is the best way to stay organized in this crazy world. From keeping a collection of notes to refer back to later, to taking everything from your mind and have it stored so you can concentrate on the day to day living of life. Evernote
Togs in Business TiB is a membership programme for photographers. It's very easy when you are the only person in your business to get sidetracked or not know the best way to accomplish something. You can employ a business coach or mentor or join TiB. With this, you get it all including a community to share your ideas with as well as get constructive feedback. If you're a self-employed photographer then take a look. TiB